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YA80~400 Series Increased-safety 3PH AC Induction Motors

        Series YA Increased Safety Three Phase Induction Motors (hereafter designated as increased safety motors) are designed and manufactured in accordance with China National Standards: 
        GB 3836.1-2000   Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres 
        Part 1: General Requirements 
        GB 3836.3-2000   Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres 
        Part 3: Increased Safety "e" 
        The explosion protection marking manifests as Ex e T1, Ex e T2 and Ex e T3. This series motors are safely used separately on the equipment in the factories where are the locations present explosive mixtures formed by flammable gases or vapours of ignition temperature group T1, T2 or T3 and air. For Exe T1 and Ex e T2 motors, the correlation of output ratings and mounting arrangements of this series motors are the same with those of series Y motors. But for Exe T3 motors, considering the specifications that the increased safety motors should reduce temperature rise and tE time should not less than 5s, 2- pole motors H160 and above and 4- pole motors H180 and above can reduce one output rating, compared with series Y motors. For the other motors, the output ratings can keep the same with those of series Y motors. This series motors are engineered with many remarkable features, such as high efficiency, high starting torque, low noise, small vibration, large margin of safety in temperature rise, excellent performance, safe and reliable operation and long service life. 
        The protection degree of series YA increased safety motors is not lower than IP54 for main enclosures and IP 55 for terminal boxes. The cooling form is IC411. This series motors can be manufactured into outdoor type (W type) and outdoor neutral chemical corrosion resistance type (WF1 type) according to customer's requirement.

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