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Series YAXn High-Efficiency Increased-Safety

        Series YAXn increase-safety motors are lately developed, designed and manufactured into total-enclosed self-fan-cool squirrel-cage high-efficiency increase-safety three-phase induction motors by our company. The efficiency indexes of this series motors confirm to the energy-saving estimate value specified in GB18613-2002 Medium- and Small-sized Three-Phase Induction Motors Restriction Value of Energy Efficiency and Energy-Saving Estimate Value. This series motors have attained the certificate of energy-saving products issued by China Accreditation Committee of Energy-Saving Products according to CCEC/T14-2001 Medium- and Small-Sized Three-phase Induction Motor Technology Requirement for Energy-Saving Product.
        The efficiency indexes have reached or exceeded the those specified in EPACT of America and agreed perfectly the requirements that the induction motors exported to America should satisfy EPACT efficiency standard requirement specified by Energy Policy Cat of U.S.A.. For series YAXn increased-safety motors, the efficiency indexes are increased about 3 than those of series YA increased-safety motors and has reached 1990s international advanced level.
        For this series motors, the power ranges are 4315kW and the height of shaft center line 160155mm. The correlations of the power rating, speed and mounting dimensions agree with DIN 42673 and can interchange with those of series Y and YB motors.
        This series motors are designed and manufactured into increased safety in accordance with China National Standards:
        GB 3836.1-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres
        Part 1: General Requirements
        GB 3836.3-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres
        Part 3: Increased Safety e.
        The explosion protection marking of this series motors manifests as ExeIIT3 or ExeIIT2.
         This series motors are safely used in the factory hazardous locations where are present of explosion mixtures formed by flammable gases or vapours of ignition temperature group T1, T2 or T3 and air.
        This series motors are engineered with many remarkable features such as high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, large margin of temperature rise, excellent performance and reliable operation etc. End shields of the motors are provided with an attachment having the use to drain or replenish lubricating grease without stopping the motor. The motors are easy to complete with export machinery and equipment and to supply as spare accessories in the import equipment. The protection degree of series YAXn motors is not lower than IP54 for main enclosures and IP 55 for terminal boxes. The cooling form is IC411. This series motors can be modified and manufactured into outdoor type (W type) and outdoor neutral chemical corrosion resistance type (WF1 type) according to customer's requirement.

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