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Series YW Non-sparking Three Phase(Frame size 71-355)
 Series YW non-sparking three phase induction motors are the basic series of explosion proof motors developed and manufactured with remarkable features, such as compact construction, lightweight, attractive appearance, safe and reliable operation, long operation life, excellent performance and easy maintenance.
        For the series motors, the output ratings and mounting dimensions conform to the specifications of IEC standards and the correlation between them agrees with DIN42673. The motors are easy to complete with export machinery and equipment and to supply as spare accessories for the import equipment.
        The series motors are designed and manufactured as non-sparking type and the explosion proof property conforms to China National Standards:
        GB3836.1-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres General Requirements
        GB3836.8-2000 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Non-Sparking Enclosure nand standards IEC60079-15 and EN50021. The explosion protection mark is ExnA T3. They are safe to use in the plants where the explosive mixtures of gas/vapor-air at Class A, Temperature group T1, T2 or T3 are present.
        Based on series YW motors, the motors can also be manufactured for special environments, such as outdoor locations (YW-W type), indoor tropical humidity (YW-TH type), outdoor tropical humidity (YW-WTH type), indoor tropical arid (YW-TA type), outdoor tropical arid (YW-WTA type), indoor tropical (YW-T type), outdoor tropical (YW-WT type) and outdoor middle-class-chemical corrosion locations (YW-WF1 type).
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