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The generators built in our company are divided into two models, the basic model and the developed model. The former is the air cooled steam turbine generator which is called QF series in China, and the later is developed based on the former according to the different drive machine by varying the generator construction. For QF steam turbine generator, it is of closed air circling cooling system, with air cooler mounted underneath the generator frame air exit. The rotor is made of complete steel forging, mounted with axial flow or centrifuging fans at both ends. The excitation is brushless type and further identified as QFW. Without the slip ring and thus resulted contact point in the electrical circuit, there will be no disturbance on the wireless wave, avoiding the various failures due to bad contact when it is worn down by friction, and thus enhance the machines reliability and reducing the maintenance work. In spite of this, static silicon control excitation can also be supplied instead as required by customer.
        Regarding to our generator, they are mainly QFW series brushless generator. It has features such as advanced design, compact construction, rarefied manufacturing, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life. It can be coupled to steam turbines for all kinds of application, such as blast furnace TRT, cement kiln heat recovery turbine, natural gas, coal gas, waste burning, terrestrial heat, or for plant power generation, providing not only the solution for energy conservation but also remarkable economic benefits to our clients.
        The power rating of our generator is as follows: QFW-2P 3000-60000KW, voltage 6.3kV or 10.5kV, frequency 50Hz, enclosure protection IP44; QFW-4P 3000-50000KW, voltage 6.3kV or 10.5kV, frequency 50Hz, enclosure protection IP54;
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